Now is not the time to give up speaking the truth


Now is not the time to give up speaking the truth

I am appalled by the recent decision of the Supreme Court to unleash one of the most prohibiting laws of all time. Although I see the point of those who see that there could be some good that can come out of this, the quick passing of the Cyber Crime Law to punish those who commit libel makes it indubitable how upside down the priorities of the government are. Certainly there are other more important things to pass, right?

I sort of feel that the things happening in our country now should have already ignited a revolution. But people are too tired, and many are not convinced that a revolution is what we truly need. After all, the aftermath of EDSA 86, the Cory Administration, sent this country right into the bowels of hell. (Just imagine where our country would be now if the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant had become fully operational and utilized?)

I think the most important thing is we continue to remain the catalysts of change for our children’s future. Let us practice becoming metaphorical, sarcastic and even satirical to skirt around getting sued because of libel. Let us use questions and pictures to make our point without getting caught. Everything is at stake now. Certain people in the government is prioritizing to shut up its citizens from speaking the truth rather than putting real criminals behind bars. Such is the painful reality of our country.

It’s up to us now if we are going to let this madness continue, and our children continue living in this nightmare we call our home.


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