A Fool To Believe


A Fool To Believe

by Raffy Gutierrez

for CFImage


I was a fool to believe
To think you’d stay
Even though I was never
Really there for you.

For so many years
I kept you waiting in the dark
To be in my embrace
But I never came

Because I was a fool
To believe that what I did was right
Even though deep inside
I knew it was wrong.

A million excuses to
Justify why taking you
For granted wasn’t such
A bad thing, so I thought.

Until that fateful day
You decided it was over
Truly over so that there
Was no going or turning back.

Then I realized how
Foolish I’ve been to believe
That you would love me
Till the end in spite myself.

Believing certain fairy tales
Of love that never dies,
Of love that endures
No matter what.

Until one day that day I realized
To make love last for life
I must be willing to fight
And die for that love.

But what did I do except
To make you cry all those
Many nights in those many years
I left you alone by yourself.

What kind of fool I’ve been
And what kind of fool I was
Believing you’d forgive me
No matter how much I hurt you.

And when it dawned upon me
That it was too late for us
To ever come together again
I realized what kind of fool I’ve been.

You loved me the best way
You possibly could in which
I felt that you were everything
I could ever ask for.

But what did I do in return
Except to take you for granted?
And break your heart into
A million billion pieces.

What kind of fool I was
To believe that love never dies,
That love needs nothing of us
Except to just believe.

But believing is just a small
Part of the equation of love
Because in the end all that
Really matters in love is this:

The small things make up the
Big things that all add up
To What eventually determines
Whether love will last or not

That love can only last if
We’re prepared to give our all
And stake our all no matter
What the price may be.

I was fool to believe that
You’d return to me someday
Because that was the kind of
Love I always believed in.

But now that you’re married to
Another man and are happy with him
I have learned to be happy for you
Because you don’t deserve a fool like me.

I can never be sorry enough
For being the fool I was
To hurt you all those many nights
In all those many years.

This fool has learned his
Lesson now and still has many
More to learn, but truly sad that
He was a fool that believed in love.



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