We need a real bloody revolution because we no longer have a choice


Guys, we cannot afford another idiot leader in 2016. If an Aquino-like diabolical moron becoming President (like Mar Roxas) or an egotistical maniacal asshole like Binay becomes President it would be better if someone just dropped enough nuclear bombs to wipe us all out. It would be the very end of the Filipino nation if either of those two hell spawn become President.

And why Aquino and Binay have both managed to stay in power this long baffles even my dumbest counterpart in the Infinite Realms and Dimensions.

What’s happening in the Philippines now justifies a bloody revolution and nothing less. But of course, this is the Philippines. And we are a people that loves to be enslaved, taken advantaged of, abused, and even massacred. Perhaps some of us might even take a selfie while being killed … that won’t be surprising, considering that it’s almost been 6 months and the Mamasapano case has already been covered with lots and lots of money. (Siyempre if you have a 3,000,000,000,000,000 budget, you can buy even the most noble police or military general.)

But the saddest thing for me is that even a lot of intelligent Filipinos still think highly of the Aquino family. I think someday they should be put behind mental asylums for brain damage check up. What on earth are Pro-Aquinos smoking? Why can’t they see the truth? Cory and Ninoy did an awesome job in manipulating media to their advantage. And the consistent broadcasting of idiotic and mind numbing teleseryes and pathetic noon time TV shows that turn you into a zombie have succeeded in making sure the next generations of Filipinos will be even more stupid than the Filipinos today.

So what gives? Anong kailangan natin gawin? May choice ba tayo except through a bloody uprising? Wala na naman talaga eh. Pero who even has the courage to see this truth? Almost all Pinoys are just waiting for the entire nation to go hungry, and at that point, when the poorest people just killing randomly for food to put in their stomach, perhaps we might just awaken. But then again, maybe not.

This is the Philippines, after all, and we are Filipinos (which is really the biggest problem of this country).


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